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About LGBTeach

LGBTeach provides engaging and interactive workshops that foster awareness, inclusivity, and reflection.

Getting comfortable with discomfort is at the core of the LGBTeach philosophy. Creating a fully accepting and inclusive environment means acknowledging that learning is a continuous process and must be at the heart of embracing diversity.

About Elisa

Elisa Waters has over two decades of experience as an educator in Spain, Latin America, and across the continental United States. She facilitates workshops for educators, parents, students, and corporations on inclusivity and diversity.


Through education and needs based assessment, LGBTeach customizes workshops geared towards meeting people where they are and growing their understanding and awareness of diversity and inclusivity.


Provides an introduction or refresher on the diverse school or corporate climate.

Seminars, Trainings, & Workshops

Offers a more intimate atmosphere for examining strengths and weaknesses within school or corporate culture through conversation and interaction with stakeholders.


Includes advice and guidance for those already in the role of diversity training facilitator within a school or business setting. 


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  • Elisa Waters is an icon as an educator and leader in the area of diversity and equity. She has skillfully and thoughtfully supported staff, administrators and students in developing a deeper understanding of issues around LGBT awareness and diversity. Her workshops, presentations, and the programs she develops for her students are exemplars for how to educate others in LGBT issues and how to enable others to embrace diversity.Elaine, K-12 World Language Chairperson
  • Elisa Water's insightful, sensitive, and common sense approach to including LGBT students and issues in the classroom will provide any teacher with the tools and language they need to create a supportive and open-minded environment.Rob, MS English Teacher
  • Elisa presents ideas and topics on gender equality and issues regarding sexuality that most people don't take into consideration, forcing us to think about who we are as a people and what our place is in society.Michael, Music Teacher
  • As a diversity educator/workshop facilitator, Elisa is very well-informed. Her passion for “spreading the word” is apparent in all that she does! Elisa truly lives her truth and models par excellence for all that have the great fortune to be in her presence.Jeffrey, K-12 Art Teacher
  • Elisa has put diversity education as an essential part of creating welcoming schools for all. Her efforts have most certainly made the schools she works with safer places for all students, staff, and community members.Theresa, MS/HS English Teacher
  • Impassioned champion for change whose allegiance to equality is both inspiring and motivating.Allie, HS Special Education/English Teacher
  • I've reached out to Elisa to do workshops with my faculty a few times. Afterwards, many teachers enthusiastically express how much they appreciate her thoughtfulness and how much they love her super engaging activities. Kristen, MS Art Teacher

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